Court dismisses case

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THE case against a policeman and a former policeman, who were arrested and charged last June for allegedly threatening other police officers at the Gordon police barracks, has been dismissed by the Waigani committal court recently.
Emmanuel Malken, a current serving member, and Lambert Misimbu were alleged to have threatened other members of the police force, especially mobile squad 3, over the capture of alleged bank robber, William Nanua Kapris last year.
The duo first appeared for trial early last month before magistrate Lawrence Kanguia.
Three witnessed were called to give evidences.
A witness, Andrew Kapum, who was a member of the mobile squad 3, told the court that he was in his room when he heard noises outside and confirmed seeing Malken shouting abusive words and threaten to start a fight.
Two other witnesses also alleged that the duo and a third person, identified only as Gilbert, were under the influence of alcohol, were frustrated over the capture of the alleged bank robber and hurled abusive words to threaten the officers.
The witnesses also alleged that the men left a few minutes later without causing any harm.
Upon cross-examination, the defendant’s lawyer, George Lau of Kumul Legal Group Lawyers, submitted that on one occasion did the two officers mentioned the name of alleged bank robber, William Kapris or intended to cause fight as a result of the arrest.
Mr Lau submitted that his clients never mentioned any abusive words or went close to the complainant’s rooms to cause any harm.
It was submitted that the two officers and Gilbert left without causing any harm to any members of the police during the commotion.
Mr Lau later sought an adjournment for a no-case submission and the ruling was adjourned to last Thursday.
The court found there was insufficient evidence for the defendants to be tried and dismissed the case.
The court also ordered the defendants’ bail money be refunded.