Court dismisses MP’s motion

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THE National Court yesterday dismissed a motion filed by suspended Opposition Leader Belden Namah raising constitutional issues regarding the conduct of the Ombudsman Commission (OC) and a former chief justice regarding his case before a leadership tribunal.
Justice David Cannings upheld the submission by Solicitor-General Tauvasa Tanuvasa, claiming that the motion was premature in the context and that it failed to provide facts to the evidence to make out a case.
Through the motion, Namah seeks to refer constitutional questions to the Supreme Court for clarification regarding the conduct of OC and former Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia in handling a case which Namah appeared before a tribunal on charges of misconduct in office.
The questions raised are in relation to the Organic Law on the duties and responsibilities of leadership.
Namah wanted to clarify whether the OC was obliged to make further reference to the public prosecutor.

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  • Hahaha!!! Still finding flaws in every thing! Better start building facts and evidences before you claim for flaws and negetives in every issue. It’s good to have someone who challenges almost all current affairs but better still provide facts and evidences like what scientists do. They never go wrong 90% of the time!

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