Court finds cash handed to Yawari ‘unusual’

National, Normal

FORMER Southern Highlands governor Hami Yawari’s alleged case of misappropriation of provincial government’s monies has been referred to the National Court yesterday following an adjournment when he failed to appear.
The court found that the process of cash delivered to the governor was “quite unusual” and “falls outside” the requirements of the Public Finance Management Act.
It was alleged that Mr Yawari, under the pretence that the monies were for various ground breaking ceremonies for road projects and bridges, rang the then provincial administrator Brian Pebo for an advance of K147,000.
Mr Pebo, acting on the order, gave instruction to the finance manager Stan Pupio and others to facilitate the advance.
The payment was made into James Lagea’s (current Kagua-Erave Member) account, who was then the adviser of Community Services. This allegedly occurred on March 11, 2005.
The case will be heard on Nov 2.