Court: Guilty pleas help cut sentences


A GUILTY plea at an early stage of a case will help cut sentence and save court time and costs, a judge says.
Justice Teresa Berrigan said this when responding to submissions regarding the sentence of Joycelyn Yali Siune, who stole K105,000 from four people through false pretence.
“It is a mitigating factor since she pleaded guilty. It is not an aggravating factor. She pleaded guilty at an early stage, which will save court time and costs and it will help reduce her sentence,” Berrigan said.
Siune, 47, from Teremanda in Enga, pleaded guilty on four counts of false pretence.
She borrowed the money from four people in 2016 and did not repay them. Between March 24 and April 12, she borrowed K50,000 from Gajanan Barve. On June 17, K14,000 from Ruthy Ben. On Aug 17, K4000 from Juni Douglas and K12,000 from Douglas.
She was apprehended on June 29 last year. Berrigan adjourned her sentence to May 13.