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THE Waigani National Court will undergo partial shutdown for nine days after a woman who had tested positive to Covid-19 was in a court room earlier.
National and Supreme Court Registrar Ian Augerea told The National yesterday that the country’s 11th Covid-19 case was a female lawyer who was at the Waigani Court House on June 19.
The woman, aged 26, was at court room one on June 19.
“We just found out hence the shutdown to clean the place as well as test court officials in the courtroom at the time,” Augerea said.
He said all staff and judges working in the courtrooms from June 19 must submit their names to the Covid-19 team for testing.
Court room one and all other courtrooms used for hearing from June 19 must undergo deep cleaning, he said
Augerea said the lockdown would end on July 10.
“Any person with non-courtroom business must be directed to contact us by phone or email,” he said.
“Only lawyers appearing in court are to be allowed in.
“All persons appearing in court must wear a mask.
“All persons on premises including court staff must now wear masks, have their hands sanitised and maintain appropriate distance.”


  • Is this a result of overseas travellers not allowing COVID-19 tests whilst in quarantine? Doesn’t seem a case if community transmission. Very strange scenario.

  • Why panicking again with this COVID_19. This disease is endemic in this country and anybody want to prove me wrong carry out a survey. The survey would be randomly select Provinces, Districts and especially age group, 30 years and above and children between 5 years to 10 years. Collect BLOOD and check ANTIBODIES for CORONA VIRUS. I am quite confident the RESULTS would be 70 to 85% positive. During COVID_19 Parliament Sitting last month, ESP GOVERNOR did say his province was doing this test. We don’t know his results yet.

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