Court lets off man on drug charge

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The National, Friday November 1st, 2013


A COURT has released a man facing a charge of being in possession of marijuana after police failed to produce any evidence against him.

Genny Anton was arrested on Oct 13 at Erima after police allegedly found a roll of marijuana in his possession.

Central district court Magistrate Leonard Mesmin said the court had no choice but strike out the case because of lack of evidence.

“You cannot be held liable because police have failed miserably,” Mesmin said.

“Under the Dangerous Drug act, if you are charged with possessing any illicit drug, there must be evidence to substantiate the charges made against you. In this case, I have no choice but to let you go.”

A relieved Anton was cautioned and told not to appear before the court again.

In a separate case, a man was sentenced to four months imprisonment for unlawfully entering the premises of a woman with the intention of having sexual intercourse with her.

He was in custody for about two weeks before his sentencing.