Court: No urgency in dealing with application

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THE National Court in Waigani has ruled that there is no urgency in dealing with an application for a judicial review filed by suspended Health Department officer Paul Dopsie.
Justice Royale Thompson last Friday, adjourned the case to Jan 24, before another judge.
Dopsie’s lawyer Michael Koimo asked the court for dispensation of service on the basis of urgency pertaining to the upcoming Public Accounts Committee (PAC) hearing where Dopsie would be appearing to continue giving evidence.
Koimo said Dopsie, because of his suspension from his position of corporate manager in the department, would not be able to prepare for the PAC inquiry.
He was therefore, seeking orders from the court to assume office to prepare documents for the inquiry.
Dopsie is also seeking an order to stay his suspension and to stop the police from investigating him.
He is the chairman of the technical evaluation committee of the Health Department.
But, Justice Thompson said there was no urgency in the matter.
“The State has not been given two clear days’ notice of the application for leave for judicial review or three clear days’ notice of the motion for interim relief,” she said.
“There’s clearly no urgency which would justify abridging the time for service.
“I’m not satisfied that the plaintiff has shown that giving three clear days’ service of this motion, or two days’ service for the application for leave would cause undue delay.”


  • PD, is a known white collar Fraud Star. There’s no urgency in the matter. Time has caught up with you, poor Paul. Dopsy.

  • What a public servant, instead of serving the interest of the people he serve his own interest. Send him to Bomana and the boys there will take care of him. Time catchup now you got no way to go therefore just admit and surrounder. Mr Dopsie you are fighting the loosing battle.

  • Please the government departments and law enforcers of png, don’t allow suspended CEO,or a departmental head or a boss in any section, resume hes/her work duties as they had shown their weakness and will be unproductive.
    My suggestion is to terminate them straight away when they are found in any form of misconduct or if he/she compromised their positions in any way which is illegal to the law of that particular institution or the country.
    We have alot of qualified men/women who are willing to work for that position professionally and accordingly. So people like PD must be terminated straight away.

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