Court officials’ pay delayed

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THE claims of the 997 Village Court officials have been further delayed because the Central provincial headquarters for village courts in Konedobu has run out of cheques.
Village Courts provincial adviser Duty Pai said yesterday: “The payments will be delayed for another month because we have run out of cheques to process the payments.
“We have already submitted our order to Moore Printing and we are still waiting for the cheques.”
Mr Pai said the office had requested for more than 1,000 cheques to be printed.
He asked the officials for their understanding, adding that the delay was due to the printer.
Mr Pai had previously assured officers that a total of K140,000 was in the accounts and ready to processed to settle the claims.
He also promised that there would be double payments for those who missed out on the previous pay.
The court officials’ half-yearly pay was due in December.