Court officials await pay

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CENTRAL province village court officials are still waiting for their quarterly payments that were due in December.
“The delays are demoralising, affecting our performance and ability to maintain law and order,” Roro village court clerk Peter Noi said in Yule Island, Kairuku.
“Some of the officials have not been paid their quarterly payments and have been waiting for a year.
“This has contributed to an increase in criminal activities,” he added.
Mr Noi said payments were made after every six months and the rates differ, from K33 per month for chairman of village courts down to K25 for court clerks and others.
“This is not the first time we are experiencing a lack of support and recognition for efforts that we put in trying to maintain law and order at the village level,” he said.
Provincial adviser for village courts Duty Pai said he was aware of the grievances but assured village court personnel that payments would be made soon.
“A total of K140,000 is in the account and ready to be processed to pay to 997 village court officials in the province.
“We will also be making double payments for officers who missed out on their previous entitlements,” Mr Pai said.