Court orders dad to pay K100 fine over curry theft


A FATHER of five from Gumine, Chimbu, was ordered by a court yesterday to pay a K100 fine for stealing four bottles of curry powder.
John Kubule on Monday admitted to stealing the curry powder from Papindo Trading in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands.
Kubule and his brother Sirua Siba went into Papindo where he took the items and was caught and arrested.
Kubule told senior district court magistrate Betty Jacob that he had stolen only four curry powder bottles not 12 as alleged by the police.
He told the court that he had carried the stolen items and not his brother who was carrying his bag.
Siba told the court that he was detained for accompanying Kubule into the store and pleaded not guilty to the stealing charge.
Police prosecutor Sam Nili told the court that on Monday at around 1pm, the two accused walked into Papindo Trading and reportedly stole 12 curry powder bottles valued at K60 (each bottle cost K5).
Nili told the court that Kubule put six bottles in his trouser pockets and put another six into his bag carried by Siba.
He said that they came to security check point when the guards searched them and discovered the stolen goods.
Kubule admitted to stealing four curry bottles and apologised to the court.
“I was stranded for three days in Hagen after my relatives living at Warakum whom, I come to see, went to Mendi (Southern Highlands) and I had no way to sustain myself in the city or to go back home, forcing me to steal,” Kubule said.
He said he was a first time offender and asked the court for leniency because he had five children in Gumine.
Jacob told Kubule that the amended Summary Offence Act carried tough penalties.
She said since Kubule pleaded guilty to the charge and expressed remorse and was a first time offender, the court would not apply tough penalties.
She ordered Kubule to pay a K100 court fine or serve two months in Baisu Jail.