Court orders release of expatriate

The National,Monday June 20th, 2016

THE Waigani National Court has issued orders for the release of Malaysian businessman Peter Ling who was detained by police in Port Moresby over immigration issues on Thursday.
Ling sought orders from the court the next day through his lawyer Greg Shepherd from Young and Williams Lawyers .
Shepherd told the court that there was no reason for  Ling to be held in detention.
He also asked the court to restrain police officers from interfering with Ling.
A lawyer representing police, advised the court that Ling was detained on immigration-related charges concerning his entry documents.
Justice Hitelai Polume Kiele ordered that Ling be left free until charges were laid and specified clearly.
Kiele said detention was not proper as there were many people out there without valid immigration documents.
The court asked the lawyer representing police to have the matter filed properly and served because the court could not accept bench evidence.
Kiele told the court that due processes had to be followed regardless of which agencies of the State were involved.
She said the chief immigration officer was not a party to the proceedings and there were no charges laid against Ling.
The court also ordered that police officers named in the matter do not interfere with Ling on his release and that he should remain in the country.
Ling will appear for  mention at the district court on June 30.