Court orders that Kaiwi be remanded in prison

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A MAGISTRATE yesterday ordered that a man facing a wilful murder charge be remanded in a prison, not a police station, and that his safety should be the responsibility of warders and police.
Magistrate Tracy Ganaii made the ruling after police prosecutor Chief Inspector Polon Konui and defence lawyer Clifford Zazeng of Lakakit and Associates argued in court over where Bosip Kaiwi, 25, who is charged with the wilful murder of his late wife Jenelyn Kennedy, 19, in Port Moresby last week, be remanded.
Zazeng raised concern in court about Kaiwi’s safety if he was to be remanded at Bomana prison.
But Chief Insp Polon said Kaiwi could not be detained again at the Boroko police station because only those freshly arrested and charged were to stay there.
He said Kaiwi had already appeared in court and should be remanded at the Bomana prison to await further court appearances.
“Remand warrants are always addressed to the Correctional Service (CS). On (his) safety, the CS has areas where a person who thinks he won’t be safe (can be accommodated),” he said.
For example, he said policemen who had to be remanded, were “locked in a place separate from the main prison compound”.
Magistrate Ganaii said charges had been laid and Kaiwi should be remanded at Bomana.
“The process is that the defendant must proceed to be remanded at the Correctional Service which is the right place for holding and keeping a person in the cells (by the) directions of the court,” she said.
“So this court will issue a warrant for the defendant to be remanded at Bomana.
“In relation to concerns raised about his safety, these are matters that counsel can take up with government agencies like the police and the CS.
“Whatever internal arrangements the police may have or the CS may have in relation to the safe keeping of remandees is the matter entirely for them, not this court.”
On the other concern raised by Zazeng about “media comments” on the case, Ganaii said the court had no control over the media.

Bosip Kaiwi with head covered arriving at the Waigani Court yesterday.

“It’s a matter entirely up to them. If there is any person aggrieved by anything that’s posted, there are right processes to follow including laying of criminal complaints and if it requires police intervention. I will leave it at that.”

Family should approve marriage of under-aged persons: Official

Dickson Kirag

MARRIAGES for person under the age of 18 should be approved by family members, an official says.
Department of Community Development, Youth and Religion registrar-general Dickson Kiragi said cases of men marrying underaged girls could be considered as “marriage of a minor”, which was a culpable case, meaning one could be charged with the rape of a minor.
“You cannot do that under the pretext of marriage,” he said.
He said a lot of marriages were not dissolved properly before men and women engaged in other relationships.
“Jealousy arises from such practices,” Kiragi said.
“I think the issue now is that everybody should know what a marriageable age is, and marriages should be done properly.
“Marriages should be done properly and legally through churches or by way of civil marriage.”

Pokanis explains procedures followed to admit a detainee

Stephen Pokanis
Bosip Kaiwi with head covered arriving at the Waigani Court yesterday.

CORRECTIONAL Service Commissioner Stephen Pokanis says all remandees have to be isolated for 14 days before being moved into prison.
The National yesterday asked him to explain the procedures used in the admission of detainees after their first appearance in court.
Pokanis said: “Now that we have the Covid-19 procedures in place, all detainees admitted to the Bomana correctional institution will be isolated at the isolation centre for 14 days. The normal process to administer new admittance is to checking the warrant against the detainee making sure that it is the correct warrant for the correct person admitted to CS.
“No person will be admitted to a correctional institution unless there is warrant to hold that person, whether a convicted or a remanded detainee.”
He said the remanded person would be interviewed by a CS officer to get information on the detainee’s education, religion, next of kin, etc.
“Any tattoo, scar, (plus) eye colour, height, etc are noted in the warrant cover.”
A detainee is then briefed on life in prison: culture, relationships, threats, good conduct etc “so that at least they have a fair idea of prison life”.
The detainee is then issued a prison uniform, eating utensils and toiletries, and allocated a dormitory to stay in.

Grandfather thanks people for supporting family

Late Jenelyn Kennedy’s grandfather Kennedy Karava recalls the day he first saw her battered body at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

GRANDFATHER Kennedy Karava, on behalf of the late Jenelyn Kennedy’s family, has thanked everyone who has been supporting them in “demanding justice” for her.
Karava, who was emotional yesterday after seeing the big crowd turnout at the Waigani court told The National that he was touched by the many people coming forward to support his family.
He said it was not just about Jenelyn but “all the other angels who had died as a result of gender-based violence”.
“I am happy to see that something good has come out of this tragic loss. Many have condemned these acts of gender-based violence,” he said.
“My heart breaks, when I saw her broken body (at the hospital last week). I just wanted to die.”
Karava said his “little Nau Mori (mixed-race girl)” was a very gentle soul, down to earth and quiet.
“I just wanted to die in her place, to see her body and think of the suffering she had been through in her last moments. I still cannot accept it. My heart just cries and cries.”


  • Bosip Kaiwi is a murderer and should be locked up at Bomana awaiting his trial. Clifford Zazeng of Lakakit and Associates – I don’t know where you’re from but are you in your right frame of mind to defend this murderer? At your level of education and with a clear conscience – defending a murderer – is it the right thing to do? You and the law firm representing the murderer are no different to a murderer when you stand up, support, embrace and promote what is morally wrong. Do you have any integrity as an individual/law firm or are you in it just for the money??

    Why is a murderer’s safety important now when he had no regard for life after taking his own partner’s life under brutal and horrific circumstances? Who cares if he gets killed in jail – he deserves to die too!! Clifford Zazeng are you in your right frame of mind – do you need to get your mental health checked??

    Clifford – you asking the court for possibility of preventing the media/comments on this murder case. For goodness sake are you okay? If this was your daughter that was killed by her husband – what would you be doing – with your law degree will you be standing up for the murderer in court like what you’re doing now?? Are you thinking correctly Clifford?? You are in a class of human beings well educated to think and make sound decisions but with this case you are not thinking sanely – you fall into a category of educated people called “EDUCATED IDIOTS”.

    I hope you can go back home and rethink your decision to support and stand up for this murderer and do the right thing by not representing him. You may well save your integrity and as an educated elite and be seen by your wife, daughters, mothers, aunties and the rest of the womenfolk in the country for upholding morality and integrity.

    Clifford – mipla ol pikini man too (real man who value, support and stand up for women) putim eye long you stap!! So do the right thing for yourself and be part of real man who value, support and stand up for our womenfolk!!

    • Clifford Zazeng is one of the most Stupid and dumbest lawyers I have ever seen. How could you try to defend a cold blooded murderer, when all evidences are crystal clear?

    • 100 percent agree with your comments or statements. the lawyer is in support because of money that he is trying to ensure that the murderer is safe. if not, inmates in Bomana Main Prison will panel beat and rearrange the murderer face.

  • Clifford Zazeng, are you crazy defending someone who commit murder crime, taking an angel’s life. Good on you and go ahead, Justice is tooth for tooth and eye for an eye. The murderer Bosip Kaiwi will pay the price wherever and anywhere and anyhow. Let the law of the land deal with him.

    Bosip Kaiwi I forgive you taking my sister’s life away. God forgive.

    Sorry Jenelyn, this may the lesson for all the under age teens who not ready for marriage.

    Those men out there please, leave the young teens alone. They are part of God’s creation and they will have to live the life to it’s fruitfulness.

  • Names like Clifford Zazeng & Bhosip Kaiwi will go down on history if justice is not prevailed, but on the other hand,,,,,,,,, the victim is not an island of it’s own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let me warn you….. You have signed an agreement that …..YES, as of today’s date,,, you both will reap your actions. AND WHO KNOWS……………..

  • For morality and humanity sake, I would decline to defend the case even If I were given much money to do so.

  • To the Lawyer, do you have females relatives and daughters?
    Money is not everything! I hope your conscience bothers you on the morality of your stand!

  • Mr Zazeng, you are from Morobe isnt it-you just proved this saying: Layers are Liers: I hope you realised which side you are on before its too late: If you really care, do the right thing and leave the case to someone else; You have better people in your life to worry about than this cold blooded murder. If Not-Do it for your Family!!!!

    WHY PNG: Coz there is a justice system in PNG where Rich and Corrupt are protected even if it means to surpass the Law of the Land. \\\


  • It is shameful to all the men by the such action. the murderer must faced the consequences accordingly by the legislation. For those who doing such actions and are hiding, now is the limit you should stop already. respect women because our lives begins inside them at first.

  • whats so special about Kaiwi let him stay in the prison with the other prisoners and see if he will last to be present for his case in July 30. He does not deserve to stay in a secured cell, when he did by taking somebody’s life because he did not care at all what he was doing so let him stay with the other prisoners and they can take care of him. Larim em bai traim strong blo em wantem ol big boys lo prison. See if he can bash the big boys like he bashed and tortured late Jennlyn.

    Mr Zazeng mas faul ya..

  • Mr Zazeng, If you are married, I wander how your wife is feeling at this time when you are defending a murderer who killed his wife. Please lusim dispela case, let this man rot in jail.

    Fight for Justice

  • Karim bilt tasol strong blong meri em karim.An example of a True Meri Face.
    Nau larim em traim strong blong em long BOMEX.

  • Why is lawyer Clifford taking up this case to defend the murderer? Is he trying to show the all nation that he is the top lawyer in the country? What grounds will Clifford stand and argue? This is a murder case where the suspect has testified and admit that he has committed the murder and the whole nation knew about it. Lawyer Clifford should think smart as a lawyer before taking up such a very sensitive case where someones life has been lost on the hands of very stupid man who does not have the respect for others. Lawyer Clifford the country doesn’t even know of your existence and the law firm you are representing. Very stupid lawyer can defend and take up cases of such in which you are promoting it. Why wasting your time and derailing your reputation ? Clifford you are not feeling the pain now relatives of Jenelyn are feeling? They have lost their loved one from the hands of the very person you are trying to defend. The question is….on what grounds will lawyer Clifford bade his arguement to defend the murderer? Now lawyer Clifford is seeking courts approval for his clients safety in the prison? Is this lawyer okay? Is this lawyer out of his mind or is he too blind to see what had happened? What is so special about your clients safety when he has taken someones life? He deserve to die as well. Just send him to Bomana and stop wasting courts time. This useless lawyer Clifford, you better withdraw or stop taking up this case. You have no points or grounds for arguments.
    Stop spoiling your reputation and tarnish your profession.

  • PNG is now land of corruption for rich who made their money out of dishonesty. There is no justice for women in PNG when it comes to domestic violence. Men thinks they are untouchable and kill when it suits them out of jealousy. Its time women all over the world and in PNG stand up and fight for equality and stop violence against women our lives are lesser to men and yet we are the back bones of the community women are strong resilient creatures and we can live without men and their financial security. Corruption is ugliest of all human beings and PNG is becoming the country of corruption join the ranks of African countries. Its time the parliment has cabinets of women instead of arrogrant chaunvinist pigs leaders who do nothing to improve the country but feed their fat ugly faces with corruption money

  • Innocent blood has been spilt……..if this lady did something bad in their relationship did she really deserve to die a brutally painful death the way she died??? If not why sympathize? Let MURDERERS belong to where they are supposed to be….To the lawyer you are totally insane…Lawyers should let murderers, robbers, rapists and corrupt crooks find their own way out…otherwise let them rot in the cage. One could suggest that the lawyer and the collaborated to the eventual death of this young woman.

  • Lawyer clifford probably trying to build reputation by twisting, defending and wining this clear murder case. Good effort go ahead. To clifford’s wife and daughters, hope your are content and happy with what your husband/daddy is doing

  • Bhosip’s father and mother should be ashamed of themselves. Shame on them for trying to justify their family’s name by putting up condolence and apology on the daily papers. He turns out to be that cold blooded murderer because of the way you raised him. One way or the other, he is who he is because of his upbringing.

  • To all the people (lawyers / Warders / Police/ Public) out there who are starting to have sympathy for Boship, think again. This person is sick in the head and isn’t fit to be alive. He should be buried together with his partner. What makes him think that the law should pity him when he didn’t pity his partner when he saw all the signs that she was dying in their house. To all who were aware of Bosip’s abusive nature and didn’t do anything to stop him or get him help (as obviously he is physiologically ill) should be charged as accomplishes in his wife’s murder (his very family for this matter).

  • Under our constitution (mama law), everyone’s rights are are protected , including the most vile, murderous person amongst us. Everyone is entitled to be represented in court by a lawyer including Mr Kaiwi. A defense lawyer is the worst possible position to be in this situation when the circumstances surrounding the crime is despicable. But imagine a scenario where there is no lawyer to represent the accused. You only have the prosecutor, the judge and the defendant..Do you really believe that this is PNG justice system?. Do you really think that the judge will allow the trial to proceed..A defendant must have adequate representation before a trial can happen. So what the defense lawyer is doing is going through the steps of mounting a defense. He does not have to believe in guilt or innocence of his client That is the judge’s role when evidences are presented. He just have to do his job as a defense lawyer. Our justice system demands it. I would advise that people stop attacking or criticizing the defendant’s lawyer when he is only doing his job as required under our law

  • I am a lawyer and if my boss said I had to appear for this case and took a large sum for money for it, I’d throw my biggest heaviest law book at his head and resign. I could never do it. I have 2 daughters, countless sisters and plenty mama’s, and I dread that anyone of the could end up like Jenelyn because men like Bosip are out there. I saw a picture of her beautiful 1 year old daughter and cried my eyes out knowing she will never be held by her Mama again Clifford Zazeng you should be ashamed of yourself, I know you and I am ashamed of you. I know your Principal too and I am ashamed of him too.

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