Court refuses bail application of cop charged with assault


THE National Court in Waigani has refused an application for bail by a police officer facing charges relating to alleged assaults on his wife.
Andy Kaivi, 34, has also been dismissed from the police force. His wife is also a police officer.
Justice Teresa Berrigan refused his bail application stating that the accused was likely to disobey court orders and commit another offence is granted bail.
The court heard that Kaivi had been breaching interim protection orders obtained by his wife under the Family and Sexual Violence Act.
Magistrate Berrigan dismissed the bail application because the reason presented was not sufficient and Kaivi had a records of breaching court orders.
She said because the complainant was his wife, Kaivi would definitely “interfere” in her case.
The wife had complained that Kaivi, from Wosera-Gawi in East Sepik, had been constantly harassing, abusing, threatening and assaulting her.
On one occasion on Dec 7 at about 7am at the Red Sea Police Barracks at Bomana, Kaivi allegedly assaulted her while under the influence of alcohol.
He was arrested and charged by the Policing-the-Police task force team and served his dismissal notice.