Court rejects application to review work permit


THE Waigani National Court has refused an application by two Malaysians to review their work permits cancelled by Labour and Industrial Relations Minister Mehrra Kipefa.
Judge Les Gavara-Nanu yesterday rejected the application of Leonard Ng Chow Leung and Ting Tiew Wei, who were seeking to review Kipefa’s decision of May 5.
Kipefa rejected their appeal that followed a notice to cancel their work permits by Labour and Industrial Relations Secretary Mary Morola, who found that the appellants had breached their work permits.
The court upheld evidence by lawyer E’ava Sotutu Geita, from the Office of the Solicitor-General that the appellants had failed to verify which company’s they were working for.
The court found that the appellants were given notice by Morola to show cause to their work permits through a letter dated March 30.
According to circumstances, questioning how Kipefa exercised his powers, Justice Gavara-Nanu said: “Kipefa’s decision was required through merit under s.31 (2), after the appellants failed to show cause to their work permits within 14 days.
“Marola can also cancel work permits under provisions of s.31.”
The court ordered that plaintiff pay the defendants costs.