Court rejects dad’s letter


A MAGISTRATE has rejected a letter from a father asking that a rape case in which his daughter was the victim be withdrawn.
Magistrate Marcus Nandape told defence lawyer David Kayok that the father should not have written the letter on behalf of his daughter who had suffered in the matter.
Komara Maini, Sora Komara, Sora Heriku, Joshua Helia and Harry Moda all from Gabadi village in Kairuku-Hiri, Central, were accused of raping the girl who is a minor.
Their lawyer, Kayok, produced the letter in court saying the father had written it on her behalf.
Nandape said the father was not the victim.
“This letter is from the father but the father is not the victim.
“So I object to this letter,” he said.
“The victim is matured (15 years old) enough to write and sign a letter for herself without the help of her father.”
Police alleged that on Aug 9, the five were drinking alcohol on the road side of the Camp 5 settlement when they confronted two girls.
They grabbed the girls but one broke free and fled.
The court heard that they forced the girl they held to drink. Maini alleged molested her while another threatened her with a knife.
They allegedly raped her.
On Sep 3, police went to Camp 5 at Gabadi village and arrested the five.
All were charged with rape while Maini was also charged with sexual touching.
The case has been adjourned to Nov 21.


  • Check the lawyer also. How did he obtain the letter from this confused idiotic father? Normal process is for victim and relatives to see police investigator in CID section who then advise police prosecutor in district court and public prosecutor in National court. Direct approach by defence lawyer is interfering with the course of justice.

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