Court ruled but did not impose on parlt

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 20th December 2011

I SHARE and support the views and sentiments of Sir Julius Chan.
In all fairness, parliament must accord Sir Michael Somare due courtesy and respect he deserved and give him back the seat he won democratically in the election.
Not only is he admired and revered all over PNG, he is also a respected leader worldwide.
For parliament to treat him the way it did was not only rude, unbecoming and uncalled for but also an insult to the large majority of voters in East Sepik and the nation as a whole.
On the other hand, Sir Michael must respect the Constitution he partook in creating and establishing.
What the public need to understand is that the court decision had restored Sir Michael as prime minister but it did not impose on parliament to keep him as prime minister.
To do so would be tantamount to the judiciary impinging on or meddling in the affairs of parliament.
But that was as far as the judiciary’s powers extend.
The onus is now on parliament to accept the decision and move forward as it sees fit and in the country’s best interest.
To assume that because the court reinstated the Grand Chief, he must be allowed by parliament to continue as prime minister would be wrong in its entirety.
Only parliament, by majority, decides if he continues as prime minister or not.
In a democracy, it is an accepted fact that if the majority of the members of parliament decide on something, then it is generally assumed that that must be the general wish and desire of the country at large and that wish must be respected. 
Ideally, the simple fact of the matter is that a proper, democratically elected government is never and should never be run by a minority group.
There is nothing more Sir Michael can do to make himself more respected and venerated than by allowing the young blood take over.
The renowned English writer GK Chesterton once wrote: “Humility is the mother of giants and men/ women of great character.”

Charles Yakopa
Port Moresby