Court strikes out case

The National, Thursday July 7th, 2016

A MISPLACED file containing police reports for an obstruction case has led to the Boroko District Court striking out the case as the file was not presented in court.
Magistrate Alex Kalandi granted the application for the case against Joyce Tegia, who was charged with obstruction of police on duty, to be struck out after an application was made earlier by the police prosecuting officer over misplacement of police report files for the case.
The police prosecutor told the court that the defendant did follow up on the police file after her case was adjourned and it was unfair to the defendant since the report file had been misplaced.
“The court grants the application, your matter is struck out with bail money being refunded,” Kalandi told the defendant.
Meanwhile, the court has also ruled out a case involving obstruction of police on duty after the complainant (a police officer) failed to turn up in court on two occasions.
Kalandi ruled after the defendant, Marcus Linson, appeared before the court without the complainant to present his withdrawal letter.
Kalandi told the court that the main reason for the case to be adjourned was for the complainant to come and present the withdrawal letter of the case.
The court was told that the complainant was willing to withdraw the case.
Linson told the court that he had informed the complainant about the final hearing of the case.
The police prosecuting officer told the court that he was of the view that the complainant was not interested.