Court strikes out duo’s kidnapping charge


TWO men accused of wounding and kidnapping a woman have had one of their charges struck out by the Waigani Committal Court.
Daniel Wani, 27, from Mul Baiyer, Western Highlands, and Kinston Habon, 27, from Nipa, Southern Highlands, allegedly wounded and kidnapped Shirley Bal on Sept 14 last year.
Magistrate Cosmas Bidar struck out the kidnapping charge after he could not find police file on the case more than three months later.
However, the charge of wounding remained against Habon
The alleged offence took place at Wildlife, Port Moresby where Habon, Wani and two others kidnapped Bal in a vehicle and were about to take off when police arrived at the scene.
It was alleged that Habon had a de facto relationship with the complainant and they had some problems and had been living apart for eight months.
On that day, the accused and two others were drunk and went searching for Bal.
They asked her to go with them but she refused.
Habon and two others went into the house and forced her to go with them but she still refused.
Habon allegedly stabbed her several times on the head and body using a knife.
They then took her to the vehicle and drove off when police intervened and chased them until they reached a dead end.
Two of them escaped while Wani and Habon were arrested and charged.
The complainant was taken to Port Moresby General Hospital.