Court swears in village magistrates

The National, Monday July 18th, 2016

THREE new village court magistrates were sworn in by senior district court Magistrate Jeremiah Singomat in Lae’s Law and Justice Office on Friday.
Singomat, who signed their declarations during the swearing-in, said proper training was needed to boost the performance of village court magistrates.
He told the new village court magistrates that proper training would enable them to avoid appeals.
Singomat advised that they should make good decisions and to conduct themselves in an amicable manner so that they gained respect.
He said the way the magistrates conducted themselves in public would determine how they presented themselves in court.
“You will go through hard times and face difficult situations but you must be calm to make good and fair decisions,” Singomat said.
He told them to perform their duties without fear or favour.
Singomat told the magistrates to avoid wantok system and refrain from being bribed.
“Cases of magistrates accepting bribes is rampant these days, therefore do not jeopardise your work,” he said.
Acting senior village court officer Paul Naralua said the village magistrate were important because they dealt with issues regarding law and order in rural places.
The three new village court magistrates would now be able to serve Molap 1, Molap 2 and Mbula 2 village court areas in the Tewai-Siassi district.