Court warns officer

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The National- Monday, February 7, 2011


A POLICE officer was told to complete the files on three men charged with murder, before the end of this month or see their case struck out for lack of police files.

First constable James Henry was in court last Tuesday to ask 

magistrate David Yalal to give an extension of time for him to complete the files on suspects Sylvester Miria and John Stanley Miria, both in their early 20’s and Sam Karuka 45.

The three were charged with the murder of Hau Allan Karo 30, at Kivori Poe in Kairuku last August. 

It was alleged that during a feast, an argument erupted, in which the three accused allegedly fought with Karo (deceased) and allegedly killed him in the process.

   Henry explained that there was no police vehicle to travel to Bereina and interview eyewitnesses and obtain a medical report on the deceased from Waima health centre. 

The lack of logistic support has delayed much of the investigation.

Yalal was not impressed with the effort of the officer, but granted the extension and warned Henry to have the files completed by Feb 24.

   “They (accused) have been there (in CS custody) since August 2010. It is also striking that you haven’t interviewed the accused at all,” Yalal said.

Henry responded that the two eyewitnesses were key witnesses to the case and therefore, he had to interview them, to which Yalal said, “You interview them (accused) so you have information if you don’t have it at hand, your case is affected.” 

“Arresting officer, if you don’t get this information ready by Feb 24, you must give good reasons why I should grant further extension.

“Mind you this is the last adjournment,” Yalal told the arresting officer.