Court withdraws assault case

The National, Friday July 22nd, 2016

 By Simon Mokot
A magistrate withdrew the case of a man who allegedly assaulted a policeman, obstructed and insulted him and refused to follow his order because no proper police facts were presented in court.
Boroko District Court magistrate Alex Kalandi on Wednesday heard the charges against Rajiv Awei, 40, from Mamumane village in Pangia, Southern Highlands, who was on a K400 police bail.
Awei was arrested and charged at the Waigani police station on July 6 with  obstructing a policeman trying to execute official duty, using insulting words, resisting orders and assaulting him.
The court heard that, on July 2, at 8-Mile in Port Moresby, Awei blocked off a road to hinder the work of policeman Mackay Anjo. Awei allegedly used insulting words, refused to follow orders and assaulted the policeman.
But the court said all four charges did not have good enough stories to warrant the police to charge Awei.