Courts must be tough on rogue cops


As a citizen, I wish to express my contentment with the jailing of two police officers by the National Court as reported on The National (Tuesday, Nov 23).
As reiterated by the judge, “police must always conduct themselves in public respectively to earn respect”. The two policemen badly assaulted a teenage boy instead of simply following proper processes and charging him if he had done something wrong.
They (policemen) took the law into their own hands and brutality assaulted the teen who could and would not retaliate and fight back.
The two cops were sentenced to 18 months.
Eighteen months is not enough.
They should have been given a year-long sentence or more because these law enforcing officers, who should know the law better than anyone else, decided to ignore it.
They need more time in prison to become better citizens and police officers.
Three weeks ago, the same court sentenced another three officers, with the judge saying :“No one is above the law, not even policemen.”
We want to see more police officers sent to prison and the public must continue to report any mistreatment by police officers so that they too can be punished just as everyone else who breaks the law.
“No one is above the law” is a warning to police officers to be professional in your line of duty.
This is now a call to Police
Commissioner David Manning to address this uncalled behaviour by his officers and get rid of those rotten apples tarnishing the reputation of many good hard working police officers across the country.

Concerned Citizen

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