Coventry wins at Ela Beach

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A SMALL group of Port Moresby road runners gathered at Ela Beach tower on Saturday for their weekly events.
Peter Coventry was shadowed by James Gurumi around the long 8.5km course up Lawes Road but won narrowly in 41:25.  John Ulelu was some distance back in third position. Keas Nathan won the 2.2 km sprint in 9:46 and Noko Negosa the 4.1 km race in 18:29.
Last Wednesday, there was a special midweek run, the Burn’s Peak Christmas Crawl which started at the corner of old Spring Garden Road and Walnut Place, Hohola and climbed Burn’s Peak overlooking Town.
Next Saturday, POMRR will assemble at the Kila Police Barracks between Gabutu and Vabukori. Race distances will be 1.8km, 5km and 10km. Everyone is welcome. A fee of 20t is charged to participate.
The results from last weekend is as follows:
2.2 km: 1. Kesa Nathan 9:46 (record 7:48) 2. Nathan Bani 11:35 3. Simon Nutley 13:31 4. Joe Kym 14:26
4.1 km: 1. Noko Negosa (MV) 18:29 (record 17:13) 2. Josek Bomida 19:23 3. Paulus Opus 38:02
8.5 km: 1. Peter Coventry 41:25 (record 38:54) James Gurumi 41:28 3.John Ulelu 47:14.