Covid-19 a test of faith


THE Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation around the world is a real faith testing lesson for all Christian believers.
We always believe in God’s living Word and His healing and miracle power.
We also believe in His protective power.
We must have that faith in God.
We must make use of the existence of the power of the Word of God that is currently holding the whole universe together.
Believing in God and doing what is right by Him will protect us from any sickness and danger that might come our way.
The Covid-19 is real and so is God.
God’s Word is also real.
If we lose sight of the power of the Word of God, we allow fear and doubt to overtake our life and weaken our faith in God.
The Covid-19 is real and is like the real burning bush and the fire is burning towards us, and we have no escape door, but to go through the burning fire (Covid-19).
Our fire (Covid-19) escape door is the faith in God.

Christopher Wrightcesh Taweg

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