Covid-19 affecting normal activities


COVID-19 in many ways can be seen as the global disease that redefines the term independent.
In Papua New Guinea, both our individual and corporate lives is under fear, which questions our dependency for survival.
In a big scale economy, PNG still rely on international experts in terms of economic advice and technical support.
However, because of the Covid-19, such aid is under question.
In a small scale economy, physical exchange of goods and services between supplier and consumer is becoming a threat.
Two parties will no longer depend on each other for trading purposes, especially in an informal business environment.
Socially, our relationship in terms of social security, social obligation and family ties are under threat because we will be restricted to move freely.
Spiritually, church gathering is discouraged.
Which means that our dependent on pastor and other church members for spiritual growth is cut off.
Because of these restrictions, I think it is time to identify the best ways or sources to depend on.
Economically, we should encourage our local businesses’ growth.
We have potential advisers in the country.
We also have potential in agriculture and fisheries to grow our economy.
Socially, nuclear family should be the best option to maintain social order.
Because most of the social issues is one way or the other related to the culture and involves extended family.
Spiritually, we should now depend on God for our spiritual growth than any other religious sources.
This is the best way to take back PNG.

Emba Saks,

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