Covid-19 cases up to 110

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THE 38 new cases of the Covid-19 reported last weekend has taken the national total to 110, with most showing symptoms such as coughing, fever, headache, muscle ache and shortness of breath, an official says.
National Pandemic Controller David Manning said the symptoms were common in 80 per cent of the cases.
“This goes to show that the virus can be tricky and therefore people must report quickly to the nearest clinic if showing these symptoms,” he said.
“The Government has identified clusters of infection in Port Moresby and (everyone is working to) contain the spread of the virus in the communities. With broader community testing strategy over the next 10 days, we will have a clearer picture.
“We have identified cases in clusters in Morata, Koki, Wanigela, Port Moresby General Hospital, Health Department, National Control Centre, Ensisi, 3-Mile, 2-Mile, East Boroko, University of PNG, Gerehu, Hohola and Vadavada.
“These areas have been identified as contacts of confirmed cases who have been identified and tested.”
The 110 cases include 102 in Port Moresby, two from Morobe, three from Western, two from East New Britain, and one from Eastern Highlands.
A team of 25 soldiers is helping health officials in conducting swabbing at city clinics.
Tents have been given out at Morata, 6-Mile, 9-Mile, Gordon, Pari, Badili and Wanigela health clinics as screening areas for suspected Covid-19 cases.


  • Out of the 110 confirm cases, how many have fully recovered and how many are currently active? Is there any confirm deaths from Covid-19? Reporter needs to clarify the readers instead of stating only the total numbers and locations.

  • We are only talking POM – What about the rest of PNG? – It looks like they do not have the kits..
    Please provide the kits to all parts of PNG – It is not a true picture of the country’s infection rate..
    May we be blessed..

  • This number is only for Pom as Pom is the only center currently performing the PCR tests aggressively. Once the other centers start following suite the national COVID-19 active cases figure will increase exponentially. The longer the delay to start aggressive PCR testing in the other centers, the further the virus will spread and the more people will becoming infected.
    Rigorous “In Your Face” public awareness campaigns and aggressive community PCR testing tactics should be implemented now to level off the exponential rate of infections the virus is taking. This must be performed in all communities nation wide ASAP.

  • The order is if you do not have mask, you won’t get into a building, both comercial or government. Does this sound familiar, if you don’t have the number, you won’t sell and buy….Jesus is coming. get ready.

  • In other countries this disease kills thousands of people immediately after they being infected, thus what about us in PNG? Do we have cure in place that cured those infected people earlier? Tell the whole world and the country in a clear detail the confirmed cases, recoveries and deaths. We are in total darkness.

  • How comes people cannot read between the lines. Its very clear and obvious that Our government is deceiving people with its unnecessary lock downs only for reasons known to themselves. Fake figures and makeup media propaganda by people in the national pandamic control centre. You have made enough money from international donors already with all your fat lies. Now please uplift all unnecessary bans and let normalcy resume ASAP. You are enjoying with your fat lies while the innocent people are suffering. God is watching. We will reap what we sow..

    • Trupla tok brother Michael. They can tell their fat lies and decieve the people but they cannot deceive God. Their cover ups will be exposed by the Lord GOD Almighty in due course.

  • Disla ol samtin blo Covid 19 ya, M husait by informim mipla, Health Department or Police Department. Maski kain olsem, okay upla senisim uniforms lo upla yet go kam. Mi faul ya.
    Mi tin olsem m wok blo Health Department by toksave lo ol manmeri blo PNG.

  • Those making comments that Govenment is imposing unnecessary bans it not proven true because when the SOE was imposed the country’s figures were minimal but as soon as the SOE was lifted the number of cases just increased within matter of 2 weeks. Before people make comments please think back to your home province health care systems. Do they have the capacity to take care of the positive covid 19 cases should the figures start to increase like Port Moresby? If the active case detection and contact tracing are done in Port Moresby we should appreciate that they are doing that to contain its spread and they have the capacity to do so. These should cause people to think and act responsibly for the new normal bearing in mind protection of oneself, family, community and nation as a whole.

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