Covid-19 delta variant spreading rapidly among people, official says

Health Watch

THE Covid-19 delta variant is the most transmissible of all the variants identified so far, and is spreading rapidly among unvaccinated people, says an official.
World Health Organisation director-general Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus said it was a concern after it was identified in 85 countries.
“As some countries ease public health and social measures, we are starting to see increases in transmission around the world,” he said.
“More cases means more hospitalisations, stretching health workers and health systems, which increases the risk of death.
“New variants will continue to be reported.
“Viruses evolve, but we can prevent the emergence of variants by preventing transmission.
“More transmission, more variants.
“Less transmission, less variants.”
The WHO has stressed the need for vaccines to be distributed equitably to protect health workers and vulnerable people.
The WHO coordinates the response to the Covid-19 and other emergencies through its global network of emergency medical teams.
They are groups of health professionals – doctors, nurses, paramedics, support workers and logisticians – who provide care for patients affected by an emergency.
When emergencies strike, they are mobilised to support the national response, treat patients, provide training and supervision, strengthen coordination and ensure standards are met for quality of care.
The World Health Organisation has certified teams from 20 countries who have gone through a rigorous process of quality assurance to ensure they meet internationally agreed standards.
“A eighty-seven countries either have teams that are in the process of being certified by the World Health Organisation, or are developing systems to quality-assure their own national teams,” Dr Ghebreyesus said.