Covid-19 team attacked

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THE public in Vanimo attacked a Covid-19 team for conducing awareness while under the influence of liquor, provincial police commander Chief Insp Moses Ibsagi says.
“They stoned the team’s vehicle and attacked two Covid-19 awareness officers because they were drunk and were swearing while carrying out awareness in Vanimo town,” he said.
“They were provoking the crowd by swearing and telling them to maintain social distancing, wear masks in public places and other preventative measures.
“They had provoked the crowd.
“The Covid-19 is a new virus that is causing fear among the illiterate people and so one must be of sober mind to carry out informative awareness so that people can understand and become responsible in preventing the spread of the virus.”
Chief Insp Ibsagi said they had arrested and detained the officers for provoking the public to become unruly.
“We will charge them under the new Pandemic Act after they become sober.” Sources in Vanimo confirmed the two officers were drunk and swearing at the public.
“Then three youths in the crowd shouted at them for conducing awareness while being drunk.
“And so these officers got a fan belt and attacked the youths.
“The crowd retaliated and stoned the vehicle and attacked the drunken officers,” Chief Insp Ibsagi said. Police took the officers to the police station.


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