Covid-19 telling us to unite


THE Covid-19 is a concern at this time as it makes its presence known by infecting our people.
It is very aggressive.
The Covid-19 has no respect for anyone.
The virus is speaking to us.
It may not be a person, but it has a message for each one of us.
The message is for us to unite and corporate in fighting it.
The international community have heard this distress call about the virus, given the spike in the number of the Covid-19 cases.
They have arrived and truly wanted to unite to fight the spread of this virus.
They realised that we need their help.
They have shown good faith and responded graciously.
They want to see that we were well-supported in a way that helps us be safe.
I appeal to all citizens, as this virus is present in all provinces, that we cooperate in adhering to the “Niupela Pasin”.
Wearing of masks, social distancing and hand-washing and hand-sanitising should be adhered to.
While there is much information being shared in the social media, let us listen to our National Pandemic Response Controller and Police Commissioner David Manning, the Government and the World Health Organisation .
Let us listen to them to help guide us in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.
The programme to start vaccinating our people has started with Prime Minister James Marape, some ministers and leaders in some Government departments and institutions.
The vaccine is a help boost the immune system in the body.
It is said that the vaccine that was being used here was 70 per cent effective. Let us unite with our international community to try stop the spread of this virus.

Cardinal Sir John Ribat,
Port Moresby