CPL offers shopfront space for community fundraising


City Pharmacy Ltd (CPL) is giving space to community and church groups for fundraising drives in front of Stop&Shop stores as part of its community outreach porogramme
The groups are given some space in front of the store, they come with their own BBQ burner and buy all items required for the sizzle from the Stop&Shop store.
“We are very thankful to the CPL group for this initiative because the sales proceeds are much-needed funds which will go towards our new church building,” said the chairman of Ela United Church Gebo Henao.
“All ministry groups have been assigned to take one Saturday morning.
“It’s become exciting as to who can sell the most hotdogs.
“Last Saturday’s group, the praise and worship ministry, sold 306 hot dogs.”
Groups currently confirmed to Stop&Shop stores are:

  • SNS Waigani Central – Ela United Church;
  • SNS Harbour City – Evangelism Explosion PNG;
  • SNS Boroko – Gohu Women’s Fellowship Group;
  • SNS Koki – Buk Bilong Pikinini and St Francis Anglican Youth;
  • SNS North Waigani – St Martins Anglican Church; and
  • Hardware Haus – Autubua Women’s Association.

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