CPL opens bank accounts for farmers in Port Moresby


CITY Pharmacy Limited is opening new BSP accounts for local farmers in Port Moresby who sell fresh vegetables to the newly-established Fresh Farmers Market.
CPL Stop N Shop Fresh Farmers Market special project manager Raj B Shahi said the market which was opened last Friday was to help farmers generate income.
“We want to create a safe avenue for farmers when they come to sell their produce to us,” he said.
“We make payments straight into their bank accounts as Port Moresby is not a safe place to carry cash around.”
Shahi said they used a BSP-issued tablet to conduct transactions on the spot after buying vegetables for suppliers.
“We only open new accounts to those farmers that do not have an existing bank accounts,” he said.
Shahi said those who had existing accounts transferred money into them upon the presentation of their account numbers.
They buy fresh vegetables from farmers in Port Moresby and outside and then resell them at their Fresh Farmers Market from Thursday to Saturday.
“We get fresh vegetable supplies from  farmers in the city, Rigo in Central and through air and sea freight from Goroka, Lae and Mt Hagen,” Shahi said.