Crab has potentital in overseas markets


Crab vendors at a local market have gained maximum benefit from their catch.Rachael Bill a vendor from the Koki Fish Market in Port Moresby said she has gained maximum benefit from selling mud crab to an exporter at wholesale price.
“I no longer bring my mud crabs home and bring it to the market next day and I am thankful to the Koki Market Management for organising this buyer that buys all my crabs,”she said.
She said the exporter buys a 40kg bag for K300 and she would make around K500–K600 in a day.
“Although mud crab is hard to catch, as we waited for hours just to catch a crab, it all pays off when we sell our crabs at a wholesale price”“I reside at Manumanu and payK30 by dinghy or K8 for PMV fare to bring my crabs to Koki Fish Market,”she said According to vendor Lani Balabu,a crab vendor from Waiori village,Abau district. He has also obtained good benefits from his sale as the exporter pays a good price.
“Crab is surplus in the waters surrounding Waiori village thus I do not do much work in catching crabs but get good money from it,”he said.He said engaging in the crab business was good as he had made good profit which he used to sustain his family.Koki Fish Market Revenue Clerk,
Dadana Kairi said the market management had been helping vendors such as Rachael and Lani to sell all their catch in a day and this initiative was one of the management’s plans.
He said the exporter visited the market seven days a week and buys crabs from all the vendors. He buy sat a fixed prices regardless of the size.
He said the exporter then exportes to Singapore, Hongkong and

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