Create authority for Kadovar people


I AM appealing to East Sepik Governor Allen Bird and the five other East Sepik MPs to put their heads together and assist Wewak MP Kevin Isifu and his district development authority team to speed up the establishment of Kadovar Resettlement Authority.
I believe the office of the Wewak MP and the governor have already been in discussion but what we need is teamwork from all leaders of East Sepik to look into this matter so that necessary documents could be formulated and quickly presented to the attention of the minister responsible to table it and get the National Executive Council’s approval.
We understand that the process of securing a piece of land to resettle the affected people is not an easy task because land is no longer free at this time.
What have we got at the moment to help counter the current situation people silently face at Dandan care centre?
People are silently suffering at the care centre and they need Government assistance and the assistance will only be made possible if the authority is in place.

Hanam Bill Sandu,
Wewak Island LLG,