Create job opportunity


There is always a reaction to every policy framed by successive political parties when in government.
The rampant unemployment rate is reaction to the action of free education policy – which was implemented by the People’s National Congress since Aug 2011.
For the new regime to cling onto political power for eight months and survive a term right after the 2012 election, PNC party was too clever in its policy formulation.
It caused political reverberations nationwide by introducing five main pillars of policies.
The main one was the free education policy.
Consequently, the high unemployment rate became an education-borne disease, which affected the intellectual population of this country.
The education-borne disease (unemployment rate) needs political surgeons and not medical surgeons to treat it by using rightful remedies.
The future of this nation still deems dark because the educated population, who have passed out from the higher institutions, are continuously battling on the streets.
They are looking for jobs while expatriates occupy jobs in PNG in extractive industries, Governmental institutions, departments or State-owned enterprises and companies amongst others.
To avoid more problems in this country, unemployed must be employed to shut down this ‘terror factory’.
Stop producing human bombs, otherwise, this country will be at risk and prone to greater security threats in future.
We salute PNC party for doing very well in its jurisdiction and capacity in education sector.
It has defined what universal basic education is for every young child in PNG – a chance to read and write.
However, free education policy is like an alleviating measure introduced to deflate the illiteracy rate in PNG, while inflating unemployment because the education system is not becoming job-oriented.
The PNC regime continues to exist.
Why is it not solving the problem of high unemployment rate by creating more jobs for citizens?
Any potential foreign investors normally look at two main areas to have greater confidence: political stability and economic stability.
The job of the Government now is to fix economic loopholes first.
Strengthen regional geo-economics to create a conducive environment for more foreign investments to be made and create more job opportunities to reduce unemployment rate in PNG.
Every successive government must prioritise people of PNG first because this is their home country.
The educated population of this country needs to know which political party has a better blueprint to solve the unemployment rate in 2022.

Max M Wapi
North Waghi