Create more opportunities


I AGREE that Papua New Guinea needs more universities and colleges to provide for the increasing number of grade 12 students every year.
However, what about jobs and other opportunities after completing tertiary studies?
Is the Government creating and increasing job opportunities to provide for the increasing number of university and college graduates every year?
With the current situation, many of our university and college graduates are roaming the streets and getting involved in criminal activities in towns and cities.
Some were killed by the police because of their crimes.
I think building more universities and colleges will increase the number of human resources in the country, but it will also increase the number of unemployed youths.
Therefore, I believe the Government should look at both sides of the issue before increasing the number of colleges and universities from next year onwards.
We can build universities and colleges, but create and increase job opportunities as well so that there are no more skilled graduates on the streets.

Jordan Ole,
Port Moresby