Create special unit to deal with tribal fights


THE Papua New Guinea Constitution should allow for the creation of a special force team to quell tribal fights.
Members of this team should be highly trained, fully armored, and be skilled in guerrilla warfare.
They should be equipped with the latest sophisticated weaponry including drones and night vision binoculars.
The police, local leaders and reliable informants of affected tribes and communities who want peace should lead this group into the strongholds of gang leaders and perpetrators of repetitive heinous crimes to humanity.
The special unit should be called in immediately when tribal fights occur to ensure that perpetrators who terrorise people without justifiable cause are hunted and eliminated.
When you want to rule a tribal enemy, your weapon should be more powerful.
I recommend the Government to allow this team to use rocket propelled grenades on any large hostile group.
It is better to blow up 50-60 armed hostile men at one go to send a strong signal to other warring groups causing massacres around the place. When fighting and killing cease, people will tell stories about the no-nonsense “commando unit” that comes in the night and eliminates criminals and oppressors of human lives.
The Government should be tough on tribal fighters and their leaders.

Samuel Raitano


  • Thank you Samuel. This idea should be fully supported by PMJM and your cabinet.

    People should not suffer at the hands of armed, blood thirsty hooligans.

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