Create your destiny


ARE there some university students roaming the streets of this country with degrees?
We have many students without opportunities today.
Let me get this straight to you all.
There are two types of people who live in this world today.
One group creates opportunities while the other group waits for opportunities.
Many people of this country wait for opportunities.
People who changed the course of history were not followers or waiters but creators.
People of Papua New Guinea and especially those who are still looking for opportunities: How long will you overlook the greatness within you?
Why waste your time and effort trying to look for opportunities to build someone else’s dream?
The more we work for others, the more we help build their dreams and let our greatness die away.
The reason why there are only a few ultra-successful people in the world today is because only a few people dream big.
Others waste their whole life building the dreams of these few ultra-successful people.
The choice is yours.
Create your destiny or continue building someone else’s dream.
Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Glen Burua