Create your future, says teacher

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The National, Monday October 28th, 2013

 STUDENTS should be responsible for their future and not wonder about how it will turn out for them, an academic says. 

Wawin National High School principal Arulappan Packiam told that to students during the graduation ceremony held at the school in Markham.

Packiam told the graduates they were closing another chapter of their lives but challenges, achievements and obstacles lay ahead.

“Your future is not something that happens to you but what you create for yourselves knowing that your creations have consequences,” Packiam said.

“Reject whatever practices or habits that may disable you and confidentially embrace whatever actions that is inspiring.”

Packiam said if they upheld something rejected by the community, then they become prisoners.

He said girls, who were educated, become the light of the family.

He urged boys to act honourably and find pride in their responsibilities in life.