Crews should take notes


THE job of a PMV bus crew should be extended to getting the names of passengers and other necessary details.
Some vital passenger information to be considered are place of origin, travel destination, phone number and emergency contact details for a relative.
This will make contact tracing for Covid-19 easier when travelling.
The crew should write the day and time of travel as well.
This practice can be applied to long trips only, especially PMVs on the national highways.
I have seen route 600 and 400 PMV owners along the Hiritano and Trans-highway do this before the arrival of Covid-19.

Moxy Gore


  • Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a national identity card.
    Oh I forgot NID started years ago but has been a messy process.
    In Feb. 2020 The National reported apparently from K300 million expenditure the project has managed only 400000 NID cards that is K750 each.
    After nearly six years they would have been very useful for many reasons but especially during the SoE

  • Many bus crew are illiterate and can not spell their own name so it will become very difficult situation.So more good lets put it to the hands of NID team to work out and explain to the people of PNG how k300million being used without knowing the exact population of PNG at the moment.

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