Cricket ace Ovia has not retired yet

Letters, Normal

WE write in response to a recent news article on the retirement of cricketers Jamie Brazier, Ipi Morea and John Ovia from International cricket in 2009, being the reason for not been considered for selection in the EAP side for the 2010 ACCC.
Ovia’s retirement news, also published in the ICC EAP news online in December, came as a shock to his fans, supporters, friends, relatives, club mates and the HB community.
Ovia’s family is now saying that he had never told anyone he was retiring.
As we all know, in any sport in any country, when a player wants to quit, he tells the family and than the sporting body and supporters of his intention to quit for family or personal reason.
In this case, we believe, some people out there had deliberately ended Ovia’s cricket career prematurely. He is only 33 years old and he is still physically and mentally fit to play cricket for some more years.
When Ovia wants to quit cricket he will make it known to his immediate family, his local cricket club, the national cricket body and the international cricket authorities.
The “retirement” news answered our long-unanswered question about why Ovia was not selected in the 24-man Barramundi squad, excluded from recent international tournaments and the exhibition matches held in Port Moresby.
It appears that people with vested interested wanted him out of the way.
Whose idea was it to retire John Ovia? He will retire in five years time when he reaches the ripe old age of 38 (in 2014), according to his cricket career plan as revealed by his family when questioned.
We write to put the record straight that John Ovia, according to his family, has not retired from international cricket.
We still need the services of some of the experienced players like Ovia (33), Jamie Brazier (34) and Ipi Morea (36) to help upcoming young cricketers, to balance the teams.
Is there a certain or specific age for cricketers to retire in PNG? In some Test-playing nations like Bangladesh, Pakistan and India, players in their early 40s and are still allowed to play international cricket because of their experiences.
John Ovia is still a young player by local, national and international standards and he should be given every opportunity to play for his country before he quits voluntarily.
To his critics, stop the cricket politics and play and develop cricket in the true spirit of the game and in the best interest of the cricketers.


Hanuabada village