Crime in city low last month

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CRIME in the nation’s capital was low last month, metropolitan commander Chief Supt Fred Yakasa said.
Grievous bodily harm, serious assault, carjacking and a couple reports of murder and robbery were recorded last month.
Chief Supt Yakasa said some of these offences were alcohol-related.
He pointed out that sexual offences were slightly higher in December but that had also dropped.
He said he would be arranging with his section heads to conduct an awareness to gauge people’s views on respecting each other indicating that there was a lack of respect in society.
“The lack of respect is the cause of common assaults, grievous bodily arm, serious bodily harm and even attempted murder on others depending on the seriousness of the case,” he added.
Chief Supt Yakasa said armed robbery increased slightly last month with about four cases a week but “it is subsiding”.
He also commended his men for recapturing PNG’s most wanted criminal William Nanua Kapris on Saturday.
“We have maintained the hunt for the escapees and we will continue with it regardless of whatever situation that arises,”Chief Supt Yakasa said.