Crime increasing in Madang, no police cars


CRIME is increasing for the last couple of weeks in and outside Madang town.
Police presence is not what it was like a short while ago.
As a concerned citizen of Madang and a victim of bag-snatching, I want to know when Madang MP and Justice Minister Bryan Kramer will release the police vehicles that are at his ward project office at Paramed to the police to use and prevent crimes.
The vehicles were taken away and it’s almost a month now.
We haven’t heard from him.
I thought the vehicles were given to the Police Department.
I thought they belonged to the Police Department but Kramer instructed his officers to take them away and now we are experiencing a lot of law and order issues.
Last week, I witnessed a robbery at Sagalau where a mother was robbed of her about K600.
A few days later, a family was robbed at Sagalau service station.
Other crimes were reported in Sisiak and other areas.
We cannot blame the police because they have no vehicles to do to their work.

Concerned Citizen,

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  • We should also blame the Police because of their reckless use of vehicle caused the member to take them away. When will we learn!

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