Crime on the rise at Gordon


PETTY crime is on the rise at Gordon, averaging 20 cases a month — and students are the main victims.
“There are five or six cases of reports of pickpocket, theft of school bags and injured students and women at the Gordon bus stop daily,” Gordon police station commander Insp Mark Mosinakave said.
He said women were being robbed of money, mobile phones and bags.
Mosinakave said petty crime was rising yearly because of bigger crowds on streets, bus stops and markets at 9-Mile, Wildlife, Erima, 8-Mile and Gordon settlements.
“We have been trying our best to check petty crimes but there is just not enough manpower to ease or eradicate the problems,” he said, adding that the public should be more alert during
peak hours between 7am and 8am, and 3pm to 7pm.
Mosinakave said police officers were being sent to high-risk areas at peak hours to help prevent crime.
“We will appreciate it very much if the public can help nab petty thieves via citizen’s arrest initiatives, instead of just standing, watching and not doing anything to stop the culprits,” he said.
He said hundreds of complaints and notices are flooding into the station but they are doing only what they can.
Gordon is popular with people from Erima, 9-Mile and 8-Mile.