Crime rate will increase if police do not improve

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday June 4th, 2015

 FOR the last few years, there has not been any improvement in the Royal PNG Constabulary and no one has identified the seriousness of the problem.

The real problem in the constabulary is the management capabilities and competencies of senior level at the police headquarters. 

The recently launched good governance or public service ethics and value in all departments by the chief secretary clearly identifies the weaknesses the constabulary has and it is about time for all the senior managers to be removed in order for the RPNGC to accept change.

To start, can the chief secretary or the commissioner identify three KPI’s for all senior managers and allow a year for them to work on and at the same time assess their performances?

If they cannot perform as expected, than send them for courses in order for them to keep their positions and if they not, than the only way is to retire them and employ qualified people. 

That way, we will see some change and if there is nothing happening as illustrated, thus, the constabulary will continue to deteriorate and there will be no more law enforcing agency.

The truth is, there is no command and control in all strategic level of RPNGC, and everyone is working in isolation.

Policemen and women are working on their own without listening to their supervisors and commanders.

See for yourself or try listen to the police radio network. 

On the other hand, the ACPs and senior managers are paid handsomely, driving expensive vehicles and are not creative or innovative in building this organisation as their own.


Police Mahn, Via email