Crimes commited by policemen ignored

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 IT is disgusting to read about a group of policemen entering a residential area the second time in the middle of the night at 2 am and allegedly beating an innocent student and raping a young girl (Oct 31). 

What is wrong with the policemen who do not seem to stop raping women in their own bedroom, assaulting citizens, looting shops and private premises, transporting alcohol for businessmen, shooting innocent citizens, swearing at the public,

 beating their wives, escorting and protecting criminals? 

More importantly, why does the police department and other responsible government agencies and civil societies continue to turn a blind eye on issues like this? 

The police commissioner needs to expel policemen who commit these crimes and throw them in jail for life. 

Why do they still work, take their fortnight wages and live normal

 lives while a criminal who rapes a woman is arrested and thrown into jail straight away?  

Look, the police are the people 

who are supposed to be conducting awareness, fighting against and prosecuting perpetrators of this and any other crime for that matter. 

However, the policemen are even worse than the criminals because they use government ammunition, uniform and power to threaten, assault, brutalise, rape, damage and destroy properties, steal and kill innocent citizens including their own wives.

 It seems the police department, law enforcing agencies, responsible government departments and civil societies do not care. 

They continue to turn a blind eye in addressing crimes committed by disciplined forces and this encourages these rogue elements to commit more crimes. 

I can confidently say that the police internal investigation and prosecution process is inefficient and ineffective and the perpetrators still escape

 justice and continue to work to get their fortnight and live normal lives.

When can PNG see these rogue elements in the disciplined forces investigated effectively and expelled from the force and put behind bars?

Just where is Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary heading now? 

When can the so-called lawyers from prosecutor’s office or other legal agencies and civil societies come out and help the victims of these crimes? 

Can we have names and photos of rapists, murderers and high profile criminals printed in the newspapers and the so-called crime stoppers run by RPNGC?

Police commissioner, can you tell the people of PNG why you cannot expel the policemen who were involved in assaulting a student and raping an innocent girl in her bedroom? 

I humbly ask you to come out and explain this in a media conference because PNGeans are tired of these crimes.


Disgusted Citizen