Critic questions federation’s actions


THE current PNG Volleyball Federation under president Kila Dick has appointed some of its executives to be team managers and coaches for the indoor and beach teams.
A critic in the volleyball community has questioned the actions of Dick and his executive, saying it was unnecessary and improper.
“This is not proper practice in sports for an organisation to appoint its executives to be the team officials for the Games and other International events,” a source in the volleyball fraternity, who wished to remain anonymous, said.
He added that the positions were not advertised and nor was there a circular put out for interested individuals to apply for team management positions.
“It is sports politics at its best and how did they manage to get past the screening process without due observation from the PNGOC justification committee?”
The source said he was concerned the PNGVF would end up repeating mistakes of the previous executive at the last Pacific Games (2015) and end up with the same result.
PNG missed out on the medal playoffs in the men’s and women’s divisions.
The source said if PNG Amoa did not return with medals from Apia the PNGVF executive would be in an untenable position.
“The women’s team selections can testify to this as the president’s own daughter is in the squad even though she does not meet the height requirement and that’s true for many other players as well from the same association.
“The PNGOC justification committee must intervene immediately and remedy this situation for the good of the sport.”