Critics of OBE are wrong again

Letters, Normal

CRITICS continue to be misled by preconceived notion that the outcome-based education is detrimental and is the major factor for the drop in the overall standard of education.
They have developed disdain and quickly run to the internet, cite webpage references to events around different places and use the well established “cut and paste” strategy to mislead the rest of the less informed and ignorant population. 
A school in Port Moresby has embraced this model and is moving from strength to strength in setting the benchmark and there is no reason why others cannot do the same.
OBE is an established national education policy whether critics like it or not.
The syllabus was built on the materials from the former objective-based system with the incorporation of a few additional tasks that makes the current system more student-centred than the previous version which was mostly teacher centred learning. 
This system has now developed the mechanisms and skills that identifies and develops a student’s ability in his/her area of strength and provides an alternative pathway whereas the older system that most critics are in favour of was to train students for one pathway; which is to go to university and get a white collar job.
We also need to consider the cumulative number of drop-outs this system will generate if we were to bring back the old system.
We have bear in mind that there are not enough jobs to go around.
The ride on the OBE wagon has not been smooth and we all have experienced turbulent times as reflected in some poor performances recorded. 
While the policy is here to stay, let us take an “all hands on deck” approach to provide insightful and constructive critique, offer alternatives and suggest ways forward as there is no silver bullet to this issue.
I spoke my mind in my last letter (“OBE is practical and good for PNG”, The National, Sept 15).
What have the OBE critics got to offer?
Let’s pool all ideas together and maybe come up with a better model for the future.


Wabo Wossa
Via email