Crocs add fun to race day

Lae News, Normal

Nationalpic by OSEAH PHILEMON

While mad punters had their eyes fixed on the television screens for the big Melbourne Cup horse race, a small group of Lae residents had their eyes fixed on a race of a different kind. Down at the popular garden café – The Place – one-year-old crocodiles were racing as part of a social event to raise funds for the cancer ward at the Angau Memorial Hospital.They placed their bets on the main Melbourne Cup race and then turned their eyes to the fun event where seven 80cm young crocodiles raced. It was all fun and after the day’s activities were over with all proceeds paid to the winners – a total of K1,000 was raised for the cancer ward. Sherron Lewis, the Hornibrook (NGI) Steel company director and chief organiser of the day’s event, said cancer remained the single biggest threat to Papua New Guinea women and all efforts must be made to support the cancer unit at Angau Hospital where patients are treated. Mrs Lewis said the unit badly needed modern equipment to help detect cancer to save the lives of women and she urged the community to step forward to help. Pictured with the crocodile are Mainland Holdings crocodile farm managers Eric Langelet (left) and Godfried Solmu with the young crocodiles after the race.