Cross-border crimes becoming frightening


CROSS-BORDER crimes such as human trafficking have reached unbelievably frightening levels in recent times.
Contraband such as drugs are being smuggled into Papua New Guinea every now and then.
We have seen news reports of drug trafficking across countries by individuals who are connected, one way or another, to organised drug cartels. The perpetrators of such horrendous crimes can evade capture by even the most powerful law enforcement agency on the planet.
People who are involved in drug and human trafficking come from many different ethnic backgrounds.
PNG is going to host the Apec Summit next year. People of whatever nationality who visit our country over the next few months must be subjected to stringent security checks.
Terrorism poses a very real threat to world peace.
Terrorist attacks across several major Western European cities have occurred with alarming intensity in recent months. Papua New Guinea is not immune to the threat of terrorism.
Our government has an obligation to ensure that PNG’s frontiers are protected at all costs from infiltration by rogue elements.
The protection of our borders, which includes adequate security arrangements for Apec, is a major undertaking which the Government of PNG will jointly undertake with our regional powers of Australia and New Zealand  over  the next few months leading up to the Apec Summit.
Advocate for world peace.

Paul Waugla

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