CS backs death penalty move

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The National, Thursday 30th May 2013


THE Correctional Services is ready to implement the death penalty as legislated by the Government, according to Commissioner Martin Balthazar.

He told a press conference in Port Moresby that the Government had “listened to the people’s cries especially women” in light of the rise in criminal activities and passed tougher laws “to suppress and reduce the escalation of serious crime in the country”.

“As the implementing agency, we are with the Government’s decision,” he said.

But he said they did not have the proper facilities to carry out executions.

“We do not have a jail that is equipped with appropriate execution tools and instruments to carry out the legislation, Balthazar said.

“The onus in now on the Government as a priority to build a super maximum security jail with enclosures that can accommodate execution chambers for prisoners on death row.” 

“The Government has already suggested that a maximum security prison (will be built) on Manus. I agree that it is the right place to build execution chambers for death penalty cases.”

Balthazar said prison officers must be trained to implement the different modes of execution.

He favours the firing squad method.

“The procedures are not quite difficult since we already have guns and bullets. We can either use prison officers or hired shooters to carry out the executions.”